About Kulture Break

Who are we?

Established in 2002, Kulture Break is a Canberra based charity youth services provider with a community arts focus. We are committed to the wellbeing, transformation and empowerment of young people. We do this by engaging young people in a safe, active and productive environment using the fine arts as a form of expression that empowers and transforms individuals. With depression, anxiety, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, social isolation and childhood obesity prevalent in today’s society, our emphasis is on using early intervention measures by validating and affirming young people’s abilities and capacities. Our goal is that they believe in themselves and live life with purpose.

Kulture Break conducts dance classes, mentoring and social skilling programs, tailored workshops, seminars and conferences, motivational talks and performances for schools, government agencies and community organisations across Australia and internationally. Kulture Break conducts Canberra’s largest community youth expo festival showcasing hundreds of local performers, top selling Australian artists and international performers from around the world. Since its inception Kulture Break has engaged with over 400,000 young people in schools, jails and communities all over the world.

Kulture Break strives to deliver best practice programs and the highest quality product to the community. We seek to encourage team members to commit and take ownership of their roles so that we continue to produce inspiring, professional, balanced leaders for the future.

Kulture Break programs & initiatives include:

Risk prevention dance mentoring program | more

Risk prevention dance mentoring program | more

Every Chance to Dance

Online dance resource for primary schools | more

Dance Nation

Arts program for primary and high school aged students | more

High-level training and mentoring for Canberra’s aspiring talent | more

Enhancing and supporting primary school leadership structures | more

What do we want to achieve?


What do we value and believe in?

VISION | Our vision is to break the negative cultural barriers and stigmas that prevent young people from being their best.

Through a platform of creative arts we offer a positive message of wellbeing, empowerment and transformation for youth.

Creating foundations for patterns of repeatable positive experiences through the arts, will enable young people to experience a sense of achievement and belonging, to build confidence and connectedness that will produce stability and increased freedom to support making better choices throughout their lives.


What do we do to achieve that?

At Kulture Break we:

  • believe that you don’t need to become somebody, you are somebody!
  • believe in and promote positive values and successful pathways for young people.
  • believe every person is special, unique and has something to offer.
  • value a generation that will live out positive personal and social values.
  • believe in providing inspiration and encouragement to young people to experience our programs as more than entertainment, and seen a way to develop.
  • believe in promoting lifestyles of healthy living and thinking, including consistent and fun exercise.
  • believe in providing inclusion, connection, friendship and transformation to our community.

Our primary objectives:

  • Is that people believe in themselves and live life with purpose.
  • Provide young people with opportunities to discover and express their creative abilities
  • Empower participants to go back into the community to pass on the skills/attitudes
  • Build social connectivity by establishing networks for and with graduates, building internal and external social capital, creating a sense of belonging and building a strong community
  • Partnering and working with Corporate and local business to support in achieving our objectives
  • Raise Awareness and funds

Our secondary objectives:

  • Deliver targeted dance and music programs and professionally produced events
  • Establish a Creative Arts Institute providing instruction and mentoring, producing accreditation, providing employment opportunities and releasing culture breakers to be the difference in their community.