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‘Make Your Move’ Dance Classes

Encouraging wellbeing and growing confidence through skill-building, inclusion and expression

Term 4 2019 Classes

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Term 1 | Monday 11 February – Saturday 14 April
Term 2 | Monday 29 April – Saturday 6 July
Term 3 | Monday 22 July – Saturday 28 September
Term 4 | Monday 14 October – Saturday 14 December
End of Year Concert | Saturday 14 December


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Tuggeranong Studio

Grattan Court

Gungahlin Studio

Gold Creek School
Senior Site, 130 Kelleway Avenue, Nicholls ACT | LOCATION MAP

Class Fees

1 hour classes | $175.00 per term
45 min classes | $150.00 per term
30 min classes | $135.00 per term

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Kulture Break’s Dance Coaches abide by the values of inclusion and care for their students, working to ensure their wellbeing and growing their confidence and skills.

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Kulture Break Coach Bios


Kulture Break is all about inclusion, and so for our 2019 “Make Ya Move” classes we want to provide dance pathways for all levels

Genesis (0-1 years experience)
If you have never danced before or have a small amount of dance experience and would like a refresher on this style’s foundations and techniques before progressing to the next level, then Genesis is for you!

Nexis (2 years experience)
You’ve been dancing for a little while, have the foundations but aren’t quite ready for fast-paced learning and want to build up to more advanced techniques… jump into one of our Nexis classes!

Edge (3+ years experience)
If you’ve had enough dance experience that you confidently know the techniques and foundations of the style, and you’re ready for a bit of a challenge with more fast-paced learning, live on the edge with one of our Edge classes!

You’ve mastered the techniques and foundations for the style, can keep up with fast-paced learning. You’re also looking for a challenge or something a bit different to our usual Edge classes. If this sounds like you, join one of our Master Class workshops… and you might also consider looking into the Elevate Academy.