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Contemporary & Ballet

Ashleigh started dancing ballet when at 7 years old, right here in Canberra. By the time she was 12, I had fallen in love with contemporary dance.

She found herself as a principal in excerpts of ballets such as Paquita, Coppelia and Giselle.  When she was 18 she moved to Melbourne to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne. Here, she focused on Ballet and Contemporary dance, and received instruction in other disciplines such as Feldenkrais, Kinesiology, and Yoga, rounding out her development.

She believes that dance is about more than steps and movements; it’s about finding a positive way to express yourself and that is how she teaches every class.


When Ethan joined Kulture Break six years ago, his skills in dance were apparent, and he grew and developed in Kulture Break classes and through the Elevate program. He’s a member of the Elevate Elite team, showcasing his immense talent to Canberra and beyond.

Ethan has now taken the next step of his dance career by teaching Breakdance in our after-school classes, supporting the next generation with their breaker moves.

Francis Owusu
Fuze Fitness

Francis began Kulture Break 17 years ago, after he discovered how dance and creativity grew his sense of worth, and helped break him out of a cycle of crime and poor self-esteem. Keen to share this discovery with other young people, he began to offer breakdance classes to small school groups to spread the message of empowerment through movement.

From those humble beginnings has grown an organisation whose message has touched more than 400,000 people worldwide, and which supports 8,000 young people across Australia.

While Francis’ responsibilities have expanded as CEO, he continues to share his skills through teaching the Fuze Fitness class for students 18 years and above.

Youth Ambassador Georgie D'Elboux

Hip Hop


Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz


Hip Hop


Ballet & Contemporary

While Kulture Break is known for its hip hop and breakdance speciality, Amelia ‘Milly’ Raymond has grown as a ballet and contemporary dancer through our studio classes. With her love of dance and her commitment to community, she makes sure to dedicate time to growing herself as a teacher and a dancer.

Milly brings her capability in the ballet and contemporary styles and her grace and empathy for young dancers to her classes.

Hip Hop

Rachel’s journey began with Kulture Break at age 16; as a result, she embodies what Kulture Break is about. She’s inclusive, welcoming, understanding and fun, and her talent as a dancer is well-coupled with her skill as a teacher.

As Senior Dance Coach, Rachel continuously shows her leadership to the Kulture Break dance team.

And while she’s already a top hip hop dancer, she never seeks to slow her learning, and her classes evolve as she elevates herself.

Ruby Ewens is Kulture Break's new north side Hip Hop coach

Hip Hop

Ruby has been dancing with Kulture Break since she was a small child, and knows and loves the KB community. And they love her back! She’s grown her skills through years of classes and participation in productions, several Hope Tours, as a member of the Elevate Elite Dance team and as an Assistant Dance Coach.

Hip Hop & Breakdance

Sameer is another of our dance coaches who have grown up through Kulture Break and who lives its ethos of inclusion. Highly skilled in hip hop and breakdance, he is currently extending his dance skills through a full-time diploma in ballet in Bowral.

Despite his studies, he continues his commitment to the Kulture Break dance culture through teaching hip hop and breakdance on Saturdays.

Hip Hop