A fun and inclusive dance program that covers a wide range of dance essentials. Offering various skill levels and age brackets, students can get involved in hip-hop, breakdance, ballet, contemporary or jazz.

Oh, and FYI, all classes come with a guaranteed KB vibe that celebrates you and your peers!

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Level 1 | Genesis (0-1 years experience)

  • If you have never danced before or have a small amount of dance experience and would like a refresher on this style’s foundations and techniques before progressing to the next level, then Genesis is for you!

Level 2 | Nexis (1-2 years experience)

  • You’ve been dancing for a little while, have the foundations but aren’t quite ready for fast-paced learning and want to build up to more advanced techniques… jump into one of our Nexis classes!

Level 3 | Edge (3+ years experience)

  • If you’ve had enough dance experience that you confidently know the techniques and foundations of the style, and you’re ready for a bit of a challenge with more fast-paced learning, live on the edge with one of our Edge classes!

Level 4 | Master (5+ years experience)

  • You’ve mastered the techniques and foundations for the style and can keep up with fast-paced learning. You’re also looking for a challenge or something a bit different to our usual Edge classes. If this sounds like you, join one of our Master Class workshops… and you might also consider looking into the Xcel Dance program

Term 1 | Monday 8 February – Thursday 1 April

Term 2 | Monday 19 April – Saturday 26 June

Term 3 | Monday 12 July – Saturday 18 September

Term 4 | Monday 4 October – Saturday 19 December

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS | Classes will still be held on public holidays except at Easter Saturday and Christmas-New Year.

Mid Year Expo | Saturday 4 July

End of Year Concert | Saturday 12 December

1 hour classes | $175.00 per term

45 min classes | $150.00 per term

30 min classes | $135.00 per term

Kulture break has changed me for the better. It’s made me a better person. People surrounding you and just that energy that it gives off… it’s just amazing,… and it’s very great to be here.
LArisSa Davis

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