Term 4 2022 Timetables

A fun and inclusive dance program that covers a wide range of dance essentials. Offering various skill levels and age brackets, students can get involved in Hip-Hop, Breakdance, Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Tap or Fuze Fitness. 

Oh, and FYI, all classes come with a guaranteed KB vibe that celebrates you and your peers!

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Level 1 | (0-1 years experience)

  • If you have never danced before or have a small amount of dance experience and would like a refresher on this style’s foundations and techniques before progressing to the next level.

Level 2 | (1-2 years experience)

  • You’ve been dancing for a little while, have the foundations but aren’t quite ready for fast-paced learning and want to build up to more advanced techniques.

Level 3 | (3+ years experience)

  • If you’ve had enough dance experience that you confidently know the techniques and foundations of the style, and you’re ready for a bit of a challenge with more fast-paced learning.

Hip Hop | Hip Hop is a street dance style that holds African roots. It involves bounces, rocks and grooves. Students will learn dance moves that they can pull out at any occasion.

Break Dance | Break Dance involves floor movement and dancing to the “break beats” in a song. It is made up of four elements: top rock, footwork, power moves and freezes. It involves agility, body strength, balance and musicality to create a unique style of dance.

Contemporary | Contemporary uses some classical technique without the strict rules of ballet focusing on the expression of feelings. It emphasises creativity and self awareness.

Jazz | Jazz dance combines the classical technique of ballet with modern dance styles such as hip hop or contemporary. Jazz uses upbeat and exciting music.

Ballet | Ballet is a precise, technique driven style performed to classical music. It is a form of expression and presents a new form of story telling to the audience.

Tap | Tap dance uses sound as it’s primary way of performing. With metal plates on the toe and heel of the dancer’s shoes, this then turns the dancer into their own musician.

Fuze Fitness | Fuze Dance Fitness is an adult hip hop based class with a fusion of dance styles from various eras and cultures. The only prerequisites are having fun, making friends, and being ready to move!

Term 1 | Monday 7 February – Thursday 8 April 2022

Term 2 | Tuesday 26 April – Saturday 2 July 2022

Term 3 | Monday 18 July– Saturday 24 September 2022

Term 4 | Monday 10 October – Saturday 17 December 2022

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS | Classes will still be held on public holidays except at Easter Saturday and Christmas-New Year.

FREE OPEN DAYS | Come and try our classes for free on Saturday 5 February 2022 and Saturday 16 July 2022

Mid Year Expo | June 26th 2022

End of Year Concert | December 17th 2022

30 min classes | $135.00 per term

45 min classes | $150.00 per term

1 hour classes | $175.00 per term

Kulture break has changed me for the better. It’s made me a better person. People surrounding you and just that energy that it gives off… it’s just amazing,… and it’s very great to be here.
LArisSa Davis

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