Xcel Music Program (formerly Elevate Academy) is an inclusive environment that offers young people the pillars to take their passion for music to a whole new level. The small group structure allows students to have a one-on-one engagement with our mentors and professional musicians, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to flourish as a young artist.

Throughout the year, there are social events and performances, which allow students to share their growth and development in a professional manner. Whether it be group environments or more personalised classes, XCEL Music caters to all. Enrolments are accepted at the beginning of the year as well as mid year.


I-Sing Music (Ages 8+) Tuesdays 5-6pm

  • I-Sing is a weekly 60-minute group singing class for young people. I-Sing is fun and inclusive and helps young people to build the confidence to express themselves freely through singing popular songs while learning to develop healthy vocal techniques. At the end of each semester, the students will have the opportunity to perform their group songs in a showcase performance.

Inspire Music (Ages 12+) Tuesdays 6-8pm

  • Inspire Music is a weekly 2-hour class for young people seeking to extend their musical journey in performance skill and vocal development. Inspire Music will focus on growing students’ confidence, stagecraft and receive fundamental music theory and basic ear training.
  • At the end of each semester, each participant will have the opportunity to perform their songs in a showcase performance.

Imagine Music (Ages 15+) Tuesdays 6-8.30pm

  • Imagine Music is a weekly 2-hour class that provides young aspiring artists with guidance and direction they need to help turn their dreams into reality. Imagine Music adds songwriting and studio recording experience as well as mentoring young artists to develop their artistry in both vocal delivery and live performance.
  • At the end of each semester, students will have the opportunity to record and perform a piece of original music.

Private Tuition

  • Quality, private 30-minute tuition in singing, guitar and piano is also offered. Ages 5+

Students will also have the opportunity to join our new performance crews and troupes for more live performances and tours.


I-Sing (semester enrolment)
$500 per semester | approx. $25 per week

Inspire (semester enrolment)
$1,000 per semester |approx. $50 per week

Imagine (full year enrolment)
$2,800 per year | approx. $70 per week

Ezidebit payments available ($200 extra)

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