Dance Nation


Dance Nation is a school arts program for primary and high school aged students uniquely designed to build within each individual a sense of identity, belonging and pride. Over a 16-week period, hundreds of young people from across the ACT are engaged in designing and rehearsing a dance, showcasing this routine in a celebratory atmosphere that enables them to shine.

Dance Nation increases community connectedness by giving schools the opportunity to come together to celebrate Canberra.

Dance Nation is a life-changing experience for many participants.

Each school is provided with a weekly dance coach to work with your teachers and students to develop a dance based on a positive theme that builds school culture. The program concludes with a large performance called the Dance Nation Schools Spectacular held at the Royal Theatre – National Convention Centre.

Dance Nation also has strong links to the achievement standards of the Australian Arts Curriculum, as students’ dance skills are developed through making and responding to arts practice.

Before I started Dance Nation I was so nervous.  I didn’t like to dance in front of people and didn’t think I could dance very well.  After doing Dance Nation for 15 weeks, and performing in front of so many people, I am super confident and wanting to do it again!  I love it so much, I have the confidence to teach it to somebody else!” (Lauren, aged 9)


  • The program enhances student wellbeing, dance skills and social skilling
  • The program has links to the Australian Curriculum Arts (Dance)
  • The program attracts positive attention and publicity for your school community
  • The program increases connectedness and community between ACT schools with the educational directorate.

The program is endorsed by ACT Education and Training Directorate.

2020 School Registrations Now Open!


IMPORTANT | Registrations are currently open to ACT schools.

The 2020 Dance Nation program will be open to 16 schools only. Registration will be allocated on a ‘first-in’ basis. Online registration and payment of deposit are required to confirm your place before November .

Note | Registration requires a minimum commitment of 20 students.

REGISTRATION | Once you have registered your interest, we will contact you to confirm your registration and arrange for your school’s $250 registration fee to be paid.

TO REGISTER| Please email us at

Dance Nation 2020 Imagine

Opening Act 2018 ‘Transformers’ Spectacular | With Evelyn Duprai, Sisqo and the Elevate dancers, and the 2018 students.


  • Subsidised program for up to 40 participating students (years 4-6 in Primary School and years 7-10 in High School)
  • Delivery of Dance Nation program which strongly linked to the achievement standards of the Australia Arts Curriculum
  • Pre-planning, preparation and conceptualization of theme
  • 16 choreographic workshops with students
  • Empowerment and well-being messaging
  • Development of ‘Imagine’ themed dance presentation
  • Costume and props design ideas
  • Music edit and mix specific for each participating school
  • 1x Dance Nation t-shirt for each participating student & 2 teachers
  • 1x Dance Nation certificate for each participating students
  • 1x Dance nation School’s participation plaque
  • Bus transport to and from your school to the venue for on the day rehearsals
  • Dance Nation Schools Spectacular performance at the National Convention Centre, Royal Theatre

The Dance Nation Schools Spectacular is a filmed and photographed event. Video footage and photographs may be purchased after the event. Further information on purchasing merchandise and tickets will be available closer to the event date.


$155 per student (approximately $9.70 per student per lesson over 16 weeks).
Normal cost is $310 per student.

Kulture Break sponsors each child 50% of the total cost. This is our investment in empowering young lives.

Program Sequence

Term 1: Weeks 3 – 4
Optional trial lesson by Kulture Break dance coach, before signing up for full 16 week program

Term 1: Weeks 5 – 10 (start of program)
Weekly dance lessons delivered by Kulture Break dance coach for 20-40 participating students

Term 2: Weeks 1 – 9
Continuation of weekly dance lessons by Kulture Break dance coach

Term 2: Week 9
Rehearsal and performance at the Royal Theatre

Term 2: Week 10
Certificates and celebration

Lessons can be run before and after school as well.

Dance Nation 2018
Dance Nation 2018
Dance Nation 2018


“Hi Kulture Break people,
It was my first time at Dance Nation last week. I have to say I was unaware of the emphasis the program has on student wellbeing and what a fantastic program and celebration of the talents of our students across the ACT.
Thank you so much for your expertise and commitment. I was impressed by the obvious skill of the coaches in developing those amazing dance moves, and also just organising such a large number of little people. Lanyon High School will continue to be involved in years to come.”
Barbara Monsma, Principal Lanyon High School

‘’The positive outcomes from Dance Nation was the excitement and enjoyment the students experienced. They also cooperated together to make the performance so fantastic. The plaques each school received are beautiful and like everything else they are very professional. The advantage with Dance Nation is that dance is taught by dance teachers and the choreography is all done for us.”
Debbie Martins, Principal Charnwood-Dunlop School

“A fantastic night for me watching all the schools dance. It also gave focus for my daughter through the whole year who looked forward to going to school and practising.”

“It has made me much more confident and made me nicer and a much better dancer.”
Dance Nation participating student

“Participation in Dance Nation developed positive self-image for our students. We were delighted to see the growth and enjoyment our students demonstrated during the program. All parents of participants were immensely proud. This was a truly worthwhile project which produced more positive outcomes then we were hoping for.”
Peter Galvin, Principal St Jude’s Primary


As a charity organisation, Kulture Break is committed to delivering highly professional programs in schools that are inclusive and affordable.

Costs are highly subsidised to provide more opportunity for students to be involved in this fantastic program.

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Email us at or speak to our awesome team at (02) 6296 3265.

Dance Nation 2018
Dance Nation 2018
Dance Nation 2018
Dance Nation 2018