School Performance Program


Kulture Break empowers students by engaging schools to help promote confidence through movement. Brining the Kulture Break values of Inclusion, Growth, Self-Expression and Skill Development our in school programs. Below are our Standard In-School Packages that lessen the workload of coordinating teachers and principals.

We’re true believers confidence is a vital attribute to personal development. If you’re nodding your head because you totally agree, why not get involved with our fun and engaging school dance programs? Your students get the chance to be immersed in an environment where they can confidently express themselves – oh, and every program has a guaranteed KB vibe.

How does it work?

Select a program or package, submit the attached form, pay your deposit, leave the rest to us!

What schools can apply?

Any schools in the ACT/NSW Region can apply to have a Kulture Break Coach come in to run the program packages for you. Simply, email us your interest through link below.

What other benefits do these programs have?

We would encourage you to read the Western University Dance for Life Research Evaluation on our home page. You will see a number of statistics and positive stories about how Kulture Break has impacted and transformed lives through these programs.

WEEK 1 Focus on building teacher/student relationship, building confidence in kids and assessing skill level, entry level movement following safe dance practices, Begin learning Choreography/Routine

WEEK 2-4  Continue teaching choreography  (20 sec – 45 sec approx. each week may differ depending on age of students)

WEEK 5  Revise and Finalise choreographic routine/s

WEEK 6  Students to perform routine during week 6 assembly (no KB coach required)

  • Pre-planning, and preparation and conceptualisation of theme
  • Choreographic workshops with students
  • Empowerment and well-being messaging through mentoring coaches
  • Costumes and props design ideas (if required)
  • Music edit and mix to be used for performance (if required)

WEEK 1  Introduction to Hip Hop, basic skills & foundations, Grooves and freestyling

WEEK 2-4  Expand skills & foundations, begin learning a choreographed routine,

interactive choreographic workshops with coaches

WEEK 5  Continue Learning Choreography routine, revision of all Foundations and skills,

WEEK 6-10  Continue Learning Choreography routine, clean choreography, preparation for performance

As always Kulture Break wants to work with the community, If the above packages do not fit your timetable we are happy to discuss alternate options for you and your school’s needs. We often cater to all ages and school types. Kindergarten to year 12 students. We are always happy to be engaged by any other community program coordinators also, so please, don’t be a stranger! Our coaches are trained to teach anyone aged 3 – 75 years old.