First Aid evening for our mentoring crews

By October 2, 2018 October 9th, 2018 Ladies 1st and Man Up, Programs

There were giggles, lots of them. Girls and boys huddled in small groups and whispered to each other as mannequins were laid on the floor. Their awkwardness was understandable really. The prospect of performing CPR is a daunting one, whether it’s to a live person (hopefully not) or to a dummy mannequin!

On this night, the Ladies 1st and Man Up mentoring programs participated in an introduction to First Aid workshop conducted by long time Kulture Break supporter, Jen O’Connor.

The students weren’t going to get a qualification from the session, but they would receive important information on how to deal with different emergency situations and get a grasp of CPR.

Our mission with the Man Up and Ladies 1st mentoring programs is to empower young people. Often, the students who participate in the program have experienced, or are experiencing social difficulties, impacting on their self-esteem and resilience. By offering learning in life skills, Kulture Break aims to grow their capabilities, lifting these students’ self-belief.

Jen covered a lot of ground in the session and invited the students to ask questions and actively contribute to the discussion. Different situations were brought up. How do you reach emergency services? What information do you give them? How do you identify a person suffering from anaphylactic shock, and in what circumstances do you administer an EpiPen?

This discussion was an eye-opener for many of the kids and gave them an understanding and an awareness of the scope of response.

The best fun was when the kids practised chest compressions and defibrillations on the mannequins and injecting the EpiPen on each other. We can leave this to your imagination…!

It was a great evening!

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