Francis Owusu

Francis Owusu is a leading communicator, mentor and coach in youth cultural change with a passion for life and people that is contagious. As a speaker he offers a personal and unique perspective fueled by his strong desire to help unlock people’s potential.

As a result of his enduring commitment to the young people of Canberra, Francis was recently honored with the 2013 Australian of the Year ACT Local Hero Award by the ACT Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher. Adding to this significance was his selection by the ACT Government as 1 of 14 most influential people in Canberra to act as a ‘champion’ in an exclusive leaders advisor group designed to develop the Time to Talk 2030 – Shaping Canberra’s Future campaign.

Francis Owusu
Francis Owusu

Francis is a successful keynote speaker having effectively presented at a variety of schools, corporate conferences and Government events. Notably, Francis was chosen by the ACT Government to act as a Cultural Exchange Representative for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, China, engaging with over 75,000 people. He is also a trainer and empowerment presenter at education workshops, and the founder and CEO of an extraordinary community arts organisation, Kulture Break.

Francis’ effective and inspirational speaking skills were enhanced by his qualifications in Workplace Training and Assessment but only made effective due to his personal and intriguing life story. As a young African-Australian Francis grew up with very low self-esteem and a tangible sense of not belonging. Overcoming his obstacles, Francis went on to complete a finance degree and develop Kulture Break, a non-profit arts youth organisation that has impacted over 400,000 young people from around the world.

Francis Owusu is a versatile speaker comfortable training groups, mentoring individuals, appearing on radio, contributing to discussions on social issues and representing Australia at international events. He is a powerful force for the empowerment of people.

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Kulture Break creator CEO/Founder Francis Owusu was last week announced at ACT Australian of the Year Awards as the ACT Local Hero 2013 and is now a National Finalist as part of the Australian day celebration in January.

Kulture Break is a charity youth services provider with a community arts focus and has been running for 10 years with a vision is to “Influence a Culture, Empower a Generation”.

Francis Owusu has used his love of dance to stimulate others to build their confidence and self-belief, as it did for him. A child of Ghanaian parents, Francis grew up in Victoria where he endured racism born of ignorance which almost propelled him towards a life of crime.

Moving to Canberra he turned his life around through dance, going on to study finance banking at university by day and exploding on stage by night as a member of the band 925. During his career he has worked with major recording artists Marcia Hines, Jon Stevens and Guy Sebastian. Driven by a determination to share his good fortune, he organised after-school dance classes for children.

And so began Kulture Break, its name reflecting Francis’ passion to transform a culture of negativity into a culture of pride and achievement. Over the past decade Francis and Kulture Break have performed with thousands of children in schools, community centres and jails, inspiring and motivating them. For Francis, Kulture Break is a reflection of his belief that life is not characterised by what you have received but what you can give.