We’re not sure about you, but we’re excited to see the back of the saga that has been COVID-19. What kind of year has 2020 been? Nonetheless, we were dealt a hand of cards that the whole world had to go through and as an organisation we really tried to maintain the support and network that is Kulture Break.

We spoke to some of our community members to see how KB helped during a tough time. We wanted to share the warm and fuzzies, because let’s be real, cracking a smile is exactly what the doctor ordered.

What challenges did CoVid-19 bring to your family?

“As a relief teacher the work dried up when CoVid-19 lockdowns came. That meant 90% of our income was gone, and we didn’t qualify for job keeper. Our whole family had to drop any paid fitness / gym programs along with most of the things we enjoyed doing. The girls were devastated as they really loved dance. When the girls don’t have a great day at school they practice their dance routines and it gives them excitement and a sense of normality. They are doing the recorded classes over and over. “

How has Kulture Break benefitted your children?

“It has been a huge confidence builder for them both. They have high anxiety and performance anxiety, but the way KB delivers their classes and treats them has really helped them. The classes stretch their minds and help them to learn and remember better. It has been so good for their mental health and I think it is great for brain development too. Kulture Break has helped them to face challenges and try hard even when things are difficult.”

Michelle Aiken. (with Ebony and Millie Aiken)