I-Imagine Artist Development

Repertoire Development

This module focuses on training our students to learn how to develop relevant repertoire for the many different performance opportunities they will come across during their lives as musicians. Learning how to tailor their repertoire to specific audiences is a crucial skill and can be the defining factor to their own success in the industry. Ages 15+.

Artist Development

This module will focus on the individual strengths of each musician. It will help each musician develop their own voice in the music industry, build their own unique profile and implement social media trends to help support this growth. Performing their own material and also original takes on cover material will be an integral part of this module. Planned “artist performances” at professional venues will be held throughout the year.

Artist Management

As a part of this new tier, each student will be individually managed by the Elevate team. Students will need to apply themselves to develop ample repertoire to undertake actual gigs. Performances can range from 1-3 hour sets of paid work. Our team will be utilising connections in the industry to maximise performance opportunities for all students. These opportunities will always be under the Elevate banner and will only be professional level opportunities, Elevate students will not be involved in amateur events.  Alongside these public performances will be the semesterly Elevate Showcases and Bootcamp performances.

Song Writing

Students will develop the skills needed to compose their own material. They will learn about key centres, chord structures, harmony and melody. By analysing various pieces throughout the year, they will learn how to apply affective song writing practises.

Students have the opportunity to record songs. Elevate will be utilise connections with various studios around Canberra during the year, allowing students a multitude of experiences working with various engineers and studio managers.

Instrumental Skills

Students applying to enrol in this tier are required to be able to play an accompanying instrument. As a musician working to establish themselves as an artist, being able to accompany oneself is a crucial skill. Students will gain extra mentoring on their chosen instrument from Elevate tutors, associated artists and bootcamps. Students will be required to develop their playing to a high level, aiming to be competent in accompany themselves for up to 3 hours.


Aside from the weekly classes, students will receive a range of extra-curricular mentoring. This will include Vocal Development lessons and Instrumental Music Lessons. There will also be semesterly Bootcamps giving students opportunities to gain skills and insight from industry professionals from around Australia.