I-Inspire | Elevate Music Program

For students aged 10+.

Ear Training

Developing aural skills and basic musicianship skills are vitally important to sustain a career in the music industry. In this module students will learn to aurally identify Intervals, rhythms, chords and some basic chord progressions. They will also learn the fundamentals of music harmony including keys and chord harmony. Students will learn how to apply these skills through transcription and basic song writing.

Vocal Development

Weekly classes will include Vocal Development Skills training. This will entail Vocal Warmup schedules, Vocal Practise routines, Tone Production skills and more. Students will learn how to sing scales, intervals, arpeggios and more.


This is the predominant focus for this tier. Students will be given ample class time each week to work on a repertoire of 8 songs per semester. Class will include weekly scheduled performances from students, they will also be given ample class time to develop their repertoire under the guidance from our expert tutors. They will develop a range of skills around performance and how to make the first steps as finding themselves as individual artists.


On top of the weekly classes students will receive extra vocal coaching and be involved in group vocal lessons. This coaching will help students develop excellent vocal technique and the guidance needed to help them become professional level performers. Students will also be involved in semester Bootcamps gaining skills and insights from industry professionals from around Australia. There will be two semester performances during the year that will be the main focus for students’ preparation, alongside these will also be numerous public performance opportunities.