There is no denying that there is a level of stress and anxiety that the whole world is feeling. And, you know what? We’re right there with you. If we could hit the pause button right before the bushfires, we might just do so. However, what we’ve realised is that if all adults, all “grown-ups” are feeling a little out of sorts, how are our youth coping? The reality is anxiousness and nervousness don’t discriminate or have favourites.

Not only is there a current global pandemic, but there is also a burning frustration from the way in which certain justice systems have failed. There is so much information, all the time, being digested and our children at home or at school are not exempt from digesting such news.

Among the chaos, we must find the stillness wherever we can. It is our mission at Kulture Break to enable our youth to feel empowered, included, and equal. Connection, especially now, being a large driving force.

We’re not clinical experts when it comes to offering advice, but what we do know is when parents are feeling a little pressured, our youth will be feeling it too. So, we’ve listed some experts to offer a little help and advice: Beyond Blue has wonderfully put together a go-to for helping kids get on top the anxiety.

There are also several links that can be helpful tools from this link here.

For All The Parents That Need To Hear It:

Also know, you don’t need to be a super parent (because you already are one) and push yourself to all the limits. Make sure you’re asking for help when you need it. Check-in with yourself and take note of how much news and content you digest (unless it’s animal videos, let that screen time triple). Allow yourself to have a minute when you need it and know that everything is temporary and on the other side are more exciting fun times to be had.

To all our parents. We salute you.

We are also extremely excited to know that sooner rather than later we will be able to resume our normal face-to-face lessons again. We will be releasing info as we get it so you’re 100% kept in the loop.

For more information on children with distress visit the better relationships website.