Kulture Break announces reshaping of the Elevate Dance and Music Programs

By November 20, 2019 General, Programs

Kulture Break is excited to announce that next year’s Elevate program is growing with more options, more access and more fun for young people.

Elevate Dance will change its shape, offering unlimited class passes, intensive classes, exclusive workshops, mindset coaching and social gatherings. Students will also have the opportunity to join our new performance crews and troupes for more live performances and tours.

There will be three levels for Elevate Dance: Ignite for dancers aged 10-12 years, Blaze for teens 13-18 years and Inferno for experienced dancers aged 15+.

Elevate Music is expanding tremendously with three program offerings, I-Sing, I-Inspire and I-Imagine, to broaden artistic growth for beginning performers through to experienced students who want to grow their artistry.

I-Sing is an introductory group singing class for ages 8 and above that allows participants to sing, grow in confidence and have fun! Led by practising professional vocalists, students attend 1-hour weekly workshops over a term.

I-Inspire music is the next level up from I-Sing music. Participants aged 10 and above attend weekly 2-hour workshop classes to increase their confidence and skills in vocal and performance development under the guidance of professional music mentors.

I-Imagine music focuses on artist development for students aged 15 and above. With tailored mentoring and guidance from industry professionals, students will hone their skills, repertoire and personal brand to enhance their confidence as an emerging industry artist.

Along with private tuition in singing, guitar and piano, there’s ample opportunity and access for young people to grow their passion.

Get more info at kulturebreak.com/elevate

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