Kulture Break recently brought hope to ACT schools in a big way, with their wildly successful Hope Tour. Partnering with New York groups the Nubian Gents and Feminine Fire, they visited 12 local primary and high schools to spread their message of resilience and positivity.

The highly engaging and interactive dance and music presentation left a positive impact on students, with incredible responses and strong engagement, and many comments of how it made a difference to how they felt and how they would approach life.

Francis Owusu, CEO of Kulture Break felt that through the message encouraging students not to give up, “the tour ignited hope”.

The last big performance of the Hope Tour was at South.Point Tuggeranong, which drew a huge crowd of young people from those schools we’d attended and got to spread the word to even more in the community.

Kulture Break once again was uplifted by the great partnership with the Nubian Gents and Feminine Fire, and honoured to be able to make a difference to the well-being of the community.