Meet our new Senior Dance Coach, Jahzeel Campbell!

By January 29, 2020 Community Outreach, General, Programs

Jahzeel Campbell has already made an impact in Canberra, yet he’s barely been here a month.

As a member of the Nubian Gents dance group which toured Canberra in August 2019 as part of the Kulture Break Hope Tour, Jahzeel’s energy, wisdom and artistry was established at that time. Post-tour, conversations were begun to facilitate his move to Canberra to work for Kulture Break, and he landed in January 2020 to be our Senior Dance coach alongside Rachel Lariosa.

His experience is extensive, ranging from teaching dance at Excellence Girls Middle School in Brooklyn to touring internationally with the dance organisation, Nubian Gents.

Jahzeel recently toured South Africa and Australia promoting a message of hope and legacy with the Nubian Gents. He founded FreeAVoice, an arts-based program introducing youth to a range of artistic expressions. Jahzeel’s talents have also extended to being a published author of poetic works.

Since starting, he’s already been a part of two public performances, has worked to develop staff capacity and helped lead our Summer Holiday program.

Jahzeel’s passion to help young people express themselves through the arts is infectious, and in coming to Canberra, will bring empowerment and energy to our local youth!

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