Man Up is an early intervention mentoring program for young people aged 11 – 17 years. It supports well being through physical movement and life skills development. We aim to empower young males from all backgrounds to acquire the skills to be confident in who they are, help their brothers and make a difference.


The program runs on a weekly basis during school terms on Wednesdays 6-7:30pm at our Kulture Break Studio in Erindale.

Classes will generally follow the structure of half an hour of mentoring and an hour of dance/fitness.

How Much?

This program is free for a capped amount of members.

The Man Up program provides two options of contribution to support Kulture Break’s values, either through our PICP program or our payment option.

Volunteer hours may include:

  • Providing a service free of charge
  • Assisting at events
  • Participating in committee’s such as fundraising

Please note that any extracurricular activities and social outings may incur an additional cost.


Phone: 02 6296 3265

Email: admin@kulturebreak.com

Man Up Info Pack

The ways that KB changed my life was by giving me lasting friends, building my confidence and shaping memories that I’ll keep for life.
Adam GiLl
Man up mentor

Man up enquiry

Phone: 02 6296 3265

Email: admin@kulturebreak.com