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Kulture Break’s Man Up and Ladies 1st mentoring programs bring together youth aged 12-17 from all backgrounds to learn skills, make connections, participate in mentoring and feel empowered through dance.

Our program goals revolve around four main pillars:

1. Belonging – being accepted
2. Generosity – giving to others
3. Identity – self-understanding
4. Mastery – learning life and dance skills

Major Activities

Semester 1
Community Giving session
Mid Year Expo on 22 June (Canceled due to Covid-19)

Semester 2
Community Giving session
End of Year concert in November (TBC)

Session Times

Tuesdays | 6-7.30pm
KB Studios, Wanniassa

Wednesdays | 6-7.30pm
KB Studios, Wanniassa

Our Mentors


“Experiencing the benefits of KB first hand has motivated me to give back to the organisation, volunteer my time and help out kids who were roughly the same age as I was when I first started.

The ways that KB changed my life was by giving me lasting friends, building my confidence and shaping memories that I’ll keep for life.

My passions in life are marketing, fitness and self-development – I believe in the constant drive to improve myself and add more value to the people I surround myself with.”


LADIES 1ST | Simone Hunter

“My journey with KB started when I was about 13. I danced with KB for about 7 years and gained so many irreplaceable memories, life skills and experiences in that time.

There was never a moment where I didn’t feel included or accepted, it was always a safe place. It isn’t just about dancing, but about building confidence, creating lasting friendships, and generally having fun.

I now work with children and young people as a career and feel genuinely blessed to be able to have the opportunity to give back to such a humble and valuable organisation.”

An insight into a mentoring session

How the Program Works

The Man-up and Ladies 1st framework consists of three core elements:

1. Dance Mentoring sessions
Providing weekly session for members to learn and train with our Kulture Break Dance mentors to promote healthy lifestyles, teamwork, leadership resilience and confidence that empower growth in each participant.

2. Performance
Producing creative works to perform to an audience that empowers and inspires participants and viewers to experience dance as a positive outlet. Performances aim to display talent, validate member’s self-worth and build solid social networks that improve overall wellbeing.

3. Giving
Members will be given the opportunity to contribute positively to the community through acts of giving. This is aimed at improving the social awareness and responsibility of members. Members will participate in projects that help the less fortunate people in the community such as the terminally ill, sole parents, elderly and marginalized.

Program Fees

A registration fee of $50 per semester or $90 per year per student is payable upon enrolment in the program (two semesters a year).

Man Up and Ladies 1st program participants have the option pay a $50 per semester or $90 for the year registration fee and volunteer their time to subsidize fees through the PICP initiative. Alternatively, the full program cost is $400 per semester, which includes the registration fee.

Please note that any extracurricular activities and social outings may incur an additional cost.

The current capacity of each group is 16 and if the program reaches its capacity a waiting list will be formed for those interested in joining.

Parent Involvement Commitment Program 

The Parent Involvement Commitment Program (PICP) provides an opportunity for parents to make a significant contribution to partner with Kulture Break to support their children and the community.

This program involves parents signing up to the KB VTeam (Volunteer team) and participating in voluntary work throughout the course of the semester/year to assist with KB events.

The minimum PICP requirement is 15 hours for the year or 8 hours a semester of voluntary work. Parents choosing to participate in the PICP program are expected to attend a volunteer induction.

Volunteer hours may include:

  • Assisting at fundraising events (e.g. BBQ’s, selling raffle tickets, etc.)
  • Assisting with Kulture Break promo and open days
  • Assisting with Kulture Break major events (expo, Dance Nation, Christmas Concert)
  • Helping with our Community Days
  • Providing a service free of charge

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