Board of directors

Archie Tsirimokos
board ChAirmaN

Archie is the Chair of Meyer Vandenberg, the largest independent law firm in the ACT and recognised as one of Canberra’s most experienced commercial lawyers. He is responsible for ensuring the provision of consistently high-quality advice throughout the practice, and has broad-ranging legal expertise.

Archie is an experienced commercial lawyer and has expertise in commercial law, property development, building and construction law and commercial dispute resolution. He has been involved in the negotiation and delivery of numerous complex commercial projects and has extensive experience appearing as counsel in negotiating a number of complex commercial projects. He has appeared in various courts throughout Australia.

He has been recognised by various industry organisations for his ability, including as MBA Professional of the Year in 2011; Real Estate Institute Solicitor of the Year in 2014, 2015 and 2016 (and has been inducted into the Hall of Fame for that organisation in 2017) and Property Council of Australia (ACT) Professional of the Year in 2014. He has been listed in the list of Best Lawyers Australia and Doyle’s Guide for his expertise in Real Property Law in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Archie became the Chairman of the Kulture Break Board in 2018 and is committed to the professional oversight of the organisation.

Marcia Bowden
BoArd DirEctoR

A highly experienced property consultant who has very wide experience in all aspects of property with an emphasis on commercial property and Corporate Real Estate. Throughout her long career in property she has been engaged in leadership roles and during her 20 years on various boards of the Australian Property Institute have led both the National Board and the ACT Divisional Board.

Marcia has a keen interest in mentoring the newer members of the property profession and have mentored many of the up and coming property professionals in Canberra as well as other jurisdictions.

Alberto Florez
board DirEctoR

Alberto is a partner at CRE8IVE, Canberra’s leading integrated communication and creative agency. He has over 15 years of experience in corporate governance, performance management, and business development. A creative at heart, Alberto is an expert in digital communication, taking brands into the online realm and exploring new media opportunities for clients.

Alberto has been recognised with an Australian Graphic Design Association (ADGA) Effectiveness award and is a past president of ADGA’s ACT chapter. Always eager to share his corporate knowledge with the community, Alberto has previously helped organise The PAGE Awards in Canberra and provided mentorship and talks to students at the University of Canberra and CIT.

Michael Hall
board DirEctoR

Michael is a strong advocate for Kulture Break. When Michael was Principal at Lanyon High School, he was approached by Francis who was seeking to offer young people at the school an opportunity to develop their talents through song and dance. Michael was enthused by Francis’s vision and provided an opportunity for Francis to teach; thus Kulture Break was born.

When he was later Principal of Erindale College, Michael invited Francis to set up KB’s headquarters at the college and together, they revamped KB’s mission and vision. KB is still headquartered at Erindale College and their partnership continues as Michael joins the KB Board.

Kieran Sloan
BoArd DirecTor

Kieran is an experienced and trustworthy financial manager, having demonstrated fidelity through a long association with IP Australia, working steadily through the ranks to raise himself to his current role as Deputy Chief Financial Officer. His financial acumen originated in his Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Canberra. However, Kieran’s skills also include the performing arts, with which he’s had a long association.

Kieran has been dancing and singing up a storm in Canberra since he was in high school. His music career took off in the R&B/pop group 925, later known as D’Verse. The four-piece group travelled the country appearing on television and entertaining fans with their high energetic choreographed shows and smooth harmonies. The group performed with and supported many national and international acts. Kieran has performed and recorded with acclaimed artists such as Marcia Hines and Jon Stevens.

Kieran is now well-known in Canberra as the lead singer of the popular ‘Big Boss Groove’ band. He has had a long association with CEO of Kulture Break Francis Owusu from high school and in 925/D’Verse, and knows well the philosophy and impact of Kulture Break.