“Both Elevate Academy and Kulture Break have made me less afraid to be myself and made me realise it is okay not to be perfect. Before joining Elevate Academy as a singer in 2017, and dancing with Kulture Break in 2018, I didn’t believe in myself. I didn’t trust myself and I wasn’t confident performing and singing. Even though I was a part of many school plays and productions, I posted my covers online to escape the reality of performing for the public and for strangers, but this didn’t change the fact that I feared of failing myself.

I got called names and was told some nasty things not only online, but also in person. Most people told me I won’t get anywhere, and that I should just give up. At times I believed them and sometimes I told myself they were right, so I didn’t sing or post videos for a long time.

After 2017 and seeing the love I got on my original song, I have continued to write many songs about social issues I am passionate about, such as homelessness, bullying, mental health and social media (just to name a few).

Kulture Break has shaped me in another way, and that is in a way that has made me feel more comfortable dancing in front of the camera and an audience. After not dancing for a few years, it felt really good getting back into it even though it was a dance style I wasn’t confident in. After dancing again for almost a year, I can clearly say what an amazing experience it has been to release all the negative energy and get my positive energy back. Every week I learn something new, and every week it is something worthwhile.

I get quite a few DMs a day asking for advice on how I stay so motivated, as well as on how I deal with the hate. What I tell everyone is: I have come to realise that doing what you love is not only the ability to learn, it is also the ability to grow. In order to grow, you must be able to make mistakes too. By sharing my story, I hope I can encourage at least one person to not give up on their dreams. I want to be able to be a leader for the younger generation and like, Franco [Owusu], I want to be able to connect with people on a more personal level and remind them to reach for the stars and do what they love.

In doing so, I want to be able to help people like they have helped me, through youth work, mental health and reminding everyone you are your own person for a reason.”