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Risk prevention dance mentoring program | more

Risk prevention dance mentoring program | more

High-level training and mentoring for Canberra’s aspiring talent | more

Dance Nation

Arts program for primary and high school aged students | more

Kulture Break Community Programs

Kulture Break provides the following programs and services:

  • Risk prevention and mentoring programs for 12 to 17 year olds through Man Up and Ladies 1st
  • School holiday programs every term for 7 to 13 year olds. (On hold due to Covid-19.)
  • Dance classes for ages 3 and up covering contemporary, ballet, hip hop, break dance and adult fitness
  • KB Community Expo for those participating in our community dance classes to come together to celebrate young people through inclusion and self expression. (On hold due to Covid-19.)
  • Free access to KB dance programs for disadvantaged students
  • Internships for the over 15’s, the program provides one-on-one coaching mentorship, vocational development and leadership training.

Every Chance to Dance | Art Curriculum Resource

Every Chance to Dance is an online dance resource for primary schools to teach the Australian Arts Curriculum, with links to music, drama, visual arts and media. The program is engaging, empowering and fun for students, with easy to learn moves and downloaded resources.

With every school mandated to report against the Australian Curriculum for the Arts from 2016, the Every Chance to Dance resource is a cost effective, flexible and practical solution that’s easy for any teacher to use.

Give your students every chance to dance |

Workshops and performances

KB crews can provide entertaining performances at fetes and festivals, fundraising events, school visits and many, many more events as well as delivering empowering, entertaining and engaging dance workshops for all ages and abilities.

Dance Nation 2018

Dance Nation is an in-school program designed to build a sense of identity, belonging and pride within your students, while building a positive culture within your school.

Conducted over 16 weeks, coaches work with teachers and up to 40 students across the ACT to develop a performance for the Dance Nation Schools Spectacular. All dance productions focus on a positive theme that builds school culture while increasing a connectedness with schools across the ACT and giving students the opportunity to shine on stage.

Dance Nation

Disco moves workshop

Empower your students to make their move on the dance floor at their next disco with weekly 60 minute workshops over three weeks run by KB. These workshops aim to give students confidence and skills in movement.

Training for teachers

We provide TQI accredited training for school teaches to build their capacity to deliver the Australian Curriculum for the Arts – dance.

Movement Literacy Program

An innovative program that connects literacy and dance to further enhance learning and development in students. Schools pick a theme that resonates with its values before selecting and allocating books around the theme to each year level. After exploring the book and its messages students work with KB to create an interpretive dance that can be presented at school assemblies, concerts or community event.

End of year concerts

KB can help your school deliver an engaging and fun concert. We come to you to help design a unique theme that celebrates your school, we develop and deliver the program, including weekly choreography lessons for your students, and we help you with costumes, props and backdrops.