Dance Nation is a school dance program uniquely designed to build resilience in students through movement. It engages hundreds of students from across the ACT region and brings them together to celebrate in a community Showcase Spectacular.

Over a 15-week period, hundreds of young people from across the ACT are engaged in ‘designing and rehearsing’ a dance, showcasing this routine in a celebratory atmosphere that enables them to shine.


Each school is provided with a weekly dance coach to work with your teachers and students to develop a dance based on a positive theme that builds school culture. The program concludes with a large performance called the Dance Nation Schools Spectacular held at the Royal Theatre – National Convention Centre.


  • The program enhances student wellbeing, dance skills and social skilling
  • The program attracts positive attention and publicity for your school community
  • The program increases connectedness and community between ACT schools with the educational directorate
  • The program has links to the Australian Curriculum outcomes


Term 1: Weeks 5 – 10 (start of program)
Weekly dance lessons delivered by Kulture Break dance coach for 20‑40 participating students

Term 2: Weeks 1 – 9
Continuation of weekly dance lessons by Kulture Break dance coach

Term 2: Week 9
Rehearsal and performance at the Royal Theatre

Term 2: Week 10
Certificates and celebration

NOTE: Lessons can be run before and after school.

$100 per student
(approximately $6.60 per student with all-inclusive).

Normal cost is $310 per student. Kulture Break and Lifeline sponsor each child 65% of the total cost. This is our investment in empowering young lives.


Once you have registered your interest, we will contact you to confirm your registration and arrange for your school’s $250 registration fee to be paid.

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