A resilience through movement schools program

Dear Principal and Staff,

Do you want a different way to enhance the mental health
and resilience of your students?

If so, we want to partner with you to make this happen through our Dance Nation schools’ program.


  • DANCE improves personal well-being by scaffolding self-care actions.
  • DANCE improves mental health and habituates resilient behaviour.
  • DANCE improves social connection

By partnering together, we will work towards empowering students to find their resilience, foster healthy
habits to improve overall well-being.

Our 2023 Theme Is Fearless

Unleash Your Inner Power


Dance Nation is a school dance program uniquely designed to promote students’ mental health, well-being, belonging, and resilience through movement. Each year hundreds of students from across the ACT region are engaged in weekly themed dance workshops that conclude in a celebration of who they are in a community showcase spectacular.


  • Over a 15-week period, starting week 6 Term 1, each school will be provided with a Kulture Break dance coach per week to support teachers to develop the theme, dance skills and confidence of students.
  • Each school must nominate a minimum of 20 students to participate in the Dance Nation program. If student interest exceeds 40 we can accommodate, however please contact us to discuss the options.
  • Each school can also nominate dance leadership representatives who can speak and lead on behalf of the group.
  • After the workshops in Term 2, all partnering schools will gather in Week 10 for a showcase spectacular at the Royal Theatre - National Convention Centre


  • Primary School students years 3-6
  • High School students years 7-10

No previous experience in dance is required to participate


Creative Design Package


  • 15 choreographed workshops
  • Costume and prop design support
  • Music editing and formulation tailored to each
    participating school
  • Pre-planning, preparation and conceptualisation
    of the theme for the program

Special Gifts


  • 1 x Dance Nation t-shirt for each student &
    2 for supporting teachers
  • 1 x Dance Nation participation certificate
    for each student
  • 1 x Dance Nation partnering plaque
    for each school

Mental Health
and Well-Being Support

Your school will be provided with additional well being resources, including print material, and creating online content specifically targeted to support student well being during this program.

Transport is on us


Our Kulture Break team will coordinate bus transportation and costs from your school to the venue for rehearsals on the day of the Performance Spectacular between 9 am-2 pm.


Term 1
Dance Nation program commences in Term 1 Week 6
Weeks 3-5
Trial dance workshops offered for students to interested in program
(contact us at dancenation@kulturebreak.com to organise a time)
Week 6-10
Dance Nation program weekly workshops commence delivered by
Kulture Break’s amazing dance coaches. At the end of Week 10 Term 1,
all school teachers will need to submit to Kulture Break the list of students
performing, and their T-Shirt sizes so they can be ordered in time for the performance.
Term 2
Performance will be held in Week 10, Thursday 29th June 2023
Week 1-10
Dance Nation program weekly workshops continue
Week 10
Thursday 29th June 2023 Dance Nation Schools
Spectacular performance
at Royal Theatre – National Convention Centre.


The Dance Nation Schools Spectacular is a filmed and photographed event.
Photos and footage will be available for purchase. More information will be released in the lead up to the event.

We have a COVID-19 safety assurance plan in place for the event/performance
If in unlikely event we are unable to perform the event to a live audience, we have a streaming alternative in place.
We will advise your school as soon as possible should restrictions result in the Spectacular being unable to proceed with a live audience.



Your Dance Nation Registration deposit can be made by direct bank transfer
Thanks to the ACT Government and our committed partners we are able to provide a massive 60% discount off the program cost of $310.
This means we can offer the program to your students at a discounted rate of $120 per student.


A non-refundable registration fee of $250 is required to secure your school’s partnership.


A non-refundable registration fee of $250 is required to secure your school’s place.
The cost for each participating student is $120.

Your Dance Nation Registration deposit can be made by direct bank transfer

Contact us at dancenation@kulturebreak.com


“I love dance nation because I met new people, and I got to perform on the stage. I learned to never be disappointed with any of the dance moves that I do, that every movement is perfect when we do it. At first I was embarrassed, dancing in front of people, but by the end it was really exciting to get my dance moves up and show everybody. I loved the feeling of the audience clapping for all the hard work we did!”

“I enjoyed going to all the practices with our dance coach, and learning all the moves for our dance. Rachel’s instructions were really informative and she made it easy to learn even the trickiest dance moves. When we performed at the theatre, the feeling was incredible! I’ll definitely be back next year!”

“As a school, we have continued to be blown away by the Dance Nation program, and just how empowering it is for students. It is so amazing to see how dance has the power to bring different groups of children together, and provide opportunities for students to express themselves. The dance nation program is incredibly inclusive, providing students with all kinds of abilities to participate, and to have fun with children they may not usually socialise with. Brilliant for self confidence, brilliant for self- esteem, and, it’s just fun!”