Kulture Break offers a behind the scene experience for those that are seeking work experience. Introducing secondary school students to the ins and outs of a service industry organisation, they will gain a wide range of skills and insight, which can be applied in all areas of employment. There will be opportunities to learn and gain experience in events, programs, admin and the understanding of how Kulture Break came to be.


  • We make it possible for young people to access quality education services.
  • Provide vocational training to ensure that young workers can have options for their future.
  • Provide bridging programs developed for disadvantaged students.
  • Placing students of all backgrounds in an improved position to begin their working life.
  • Assist students to manage their studies with their vocational training.
  • Give students an understanding of how an industry operates in real life, inspiring them to see their studies in a more positive way.


I was able to get a great understanding of the behind the scenes administration of the entertainment industry that helped me make decisions about what to do after year 12!
Work ExperiEnce sTudent

Work experience enquiry

EMAIL: admin@kulturebreak.com

PHONE: 02 6296 3265