Sharing with our sponsor Indesco

By March 18, 2019 Community Outreach, General

Sharing is caring, and that’s what Kulture Break did recently when we visited our sponsor Indesco and did a short presentation at their first quarter team comms meeting.

It was a great opportunity for Indesco employees to hear from Kulture Break CEO Francis Owusu about the work we do, and to listen to the wonderful vocals of our Inclusion Ambassador, James O’Hehir.

Francis spoke eloquently of his story, emphasising how through the creative arts he found his niche, with the opportunity to express himself making an enormous difference to his life. This was the catalyst that inspired him to found Kulture Break.

Through Kulture Break’s programs, young people through Canberra have been transformed and lifted by its inclusiveness, and its focus on wellbeing through the arts, with James O’Hehir’s presence a great example of this influence.

Indesco is one of our valued sponsors, and we were honoured to be able to communicate to them how we support young people in the community through their contribution.

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